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Us: Ant’s Take

March 31st, 2019|0 Comments

Follow Ant on Instagram @themoviebrutha Jordan Peele is back with the simply titled film, Us.  Highly anticipated to say the least as its on the heels of the mega smash, game changing, artful, clever, F.U. pay me hit, Get Out.  This ain’t it.  This review is different in that I’m giving spoilers since this film has been out a couple of weeks and I just have some things to get [...]

Fighting with My Family: Ant’s Take

March 30th, 2019|0 Comments

Follow Ant on Instagram @themoviebrutha My earliest and fondest memories of watching professional wrestling were as a kid watching the matches on television at my grandparent’s home who just so happened to reside in the same neighborhood as my family.  This afforded my brother and I weekly staycations to escape the mundane routines of home and chill at my grandparents’ house.  They had cable TV which was huge at that [...]

Stan & Ollie: Ant’s Take

March 16th, 2019|0 Comments

Follow Anthony “Ant” Johnson on Instagram @themoviebrutha For those of you that follow me closely know by now that I have relocated from the Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas area to Sydney, Australia.  As I write this review, I’ve been in Sydney for almost a week.  I kick off this “Aussie” review with the first film I’ve seen on Australian soil.  During my stay, I will be plugging into the Sydney film [...]

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