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Crawl: Ant’s Take

July 17th, 2019|0 Comments

Follow Ant on Instagram @themoviebrutha Cashier: “Welcome to Florida, may I take your order?” Alligator: “Yes, I’d like two limbs and a biscuit.” Cashier: “Dark or white meat?” Alligator: “White meat only.  Thank you.” Fun, fun, and more fun is the best way I can describe the new man versus alligator ride of a film titled Crawl.  Set in Florida, USA, after finishing a swim competition, a University of Florida [...]

Parasite: Ant’s Take

July 14th, 2019|0 Comments

Follow Ant on Instagram @themoviebrutha Media spends a significant amount of time comparing the lives of individuals based on race, gender, and sexuality (arguably in that order).  However, an elephant resides in the room of that conversation centered around class, also known as socioeconomic status.  It is as big if not bigger than the other classifications that separate us as people on this beautiful planet in which we all reside.  [...]

Us: Ant’s Take

March 31st, 2019|4 Comments

Follow Ant on Instagram @themoviebrutha Jordan Peele is back with the simply titled film, Us.  Highly anticipated to say the least as its on the heels of the mega smash, game changing, artful, clever, F.U. pay me hit, Get Out.  This ain’t it.  This review is different in that I’m giving spoilers since this film has been out a couple of weeks and I just have some things to get [...]

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